Collingwood players involved in nude photo scandal

Dane Swan and Travis Cloke have reportedly been caught sending nude photographs and videos to women, who are not their partners.

According to a report in the Woman’s Day, Cloke allegedly sent nude pictures and a video of him performing a sex act, while Swan allegedly sent full-frontal nude photos and graphic video content.

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The magazine claims the pictures were obtained “recently”.

It is not clear whether the pictures were sent when the players were with their partners.

The Woman’s Day article and accompanying pictures.


Woman's Day claims the players sent naked 'selfies' to other women.
The Woman’s Day article and accompanying pictures.


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  1. And that afl haven’t got a problem in keeping players in line what absolute joke these TWo that run the afl have failed badly time to move them on time for fresh panel before the football dies

  2. You are as bad as the gutter magazine. However If it’s Collingwood everyone wants to know. BECAUSE “They hate us ‘coz they ain’t us. #GOPIES 2016 is our year.

  3. what a load of media bullshit. who cares! says a lot that it is in Womans Day! Sales must have been slow recently….more important things around than this bull shit

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