Alicia Loxley presents the news with the incorrect graphic. Source:

Social media went into meltdown last night, as Channel Nine ran with an incorrect graphic stating that Geelong beat Melbourne yesterday afternoon, when in fact Melbourne defeated Geelong by 24 points.

Presenter Alicia Loxley correctly announced that Melbourne had stunned Geelong at home to record an upset victory in Corey Enright’s 300th match, however, the graphic at the bottom of the screen told a very different story: “Geelong celebrates. Cats win in Corey Enright’s 300th. Hometown of Kimba also partying.”

The Herald Sun has reported that a Channel Nine insider said that the mix-up occurred because two graphics were produced at the beginning of the day prior to the match, in readiness for either side winning.

However, in the haste of producing a news bulletin, the staff member responsible did not read over the text properly, and ended up deleting the wrong graphic, leading to the hilarious stuff-up.

Perhaps the staff member was just a cocky Geelong fan who thought that it was a foregone conclusion that Geelong would salute, given Melbourne had not won in Geelong for almost 10 years.