MELBOURNE, VICTORIA - JUNE 11: Mitch Clark of Geelong celebrates after kicking a goal during the round 10 VFL match between the Footscray Bulldogs and the Geelong Cats at Whitten Oval on June 11, 2016 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Scott Barbour/AFL Media/Getty Images)

Mitch Clark involved in dispute with teammate Mitch Duncan

Geelong’s Mitch Clark has reportedly been involved in a dispute with teammate Mitch Duncan.

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The Age has reported that Clark fell out with Duncan following a ‘sledging incident’ at a VFL game.

Duncan is said to have confronted Clark after he was told the forward madeย derogatory remarks about his partner, to her brother, Teia Miles, who is a Hawthorn listed player.

The alleged incident took place three weeks ago at Simonds Stadium against Box Hill and Clark is understood to have directed the insult to Miles on several occasions during the match.

The Age reports that Clark has told Geelong that he was provoked by Miles before the incident occurred.

Geelong officials were reportedly unaware of the incident until Monday when they were contacted by Fairfax.

Cats’ officials then confronted Clark about the matter, with the club satisfied that the two players had dealt with the issue and the matter is now considered closed.


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  1. So he sledged an opposition player and he’s had a sook to his sister about it who just coincidentally was a Geelong player….
    So nothing directly between Clark and Duncan as the headline suggests. Typical journalism, making a mountain out of an ant hill

    • See how a good club keeps stuff in house like that? Watch Barrett come out on the footy show and make a big deal out of it like he has just broken the story!

  2. Apparently Clark was involved in a scuffle with Barrett because Tom Boyd stole some donuts off Hutchy and gave them to Eddie who reportedly squashed them between his man boobs before giving them to Caro who blitzed them up into a milkshake.

  3. Chris de Been
    Josh de Been
    Lee Unsworth
    Michael Krig
    Reckon after his piss poor effort Friday night he would be in a dispute with all his teammates not just Duncan

    • And the funny thing is, mate, you don’t have the mental capacity to know why that’s offensive. So in a way, you’re kind of fucking retarded.

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