Picture: Colleen Petch. Source: Herald Sun.

Carlton captain Marc Murphy has announced who he believes should get the job as the next coach of Carlton.

Marc Murphy says he wants John Barker to be given the nod as head coach of the Blues.

“I’d love to see Johnny get the job. Obviously the club’s got to go through the process of trying to find the best man for the job,’’ Murphy said.

“(But) what he’s done over the last six or seven weeks has been really good for the footy club and he’s obviously putting a great case forward to the selectors.’’

Murphy said the club has asked for his opinion of the interim coach.

“My opinion gets asked,’’ Murphy said.

“He’s a really good guy and he drives the guys hard. You know where you stand with Johnny, and he’s let us play with a little bit more freedom and backed a lot of the guys in, and I think the guys are responding to that.’’