Mark Blicavs wants to remain at Geelong. Source:

Mark Blicavs’ manager and father Andris Blicavs says his son will most likely be at Geelong for the rest of his career.

“To me whether he signs now for one, two, three or five years is immaterial, I think at the end of Mark’s career I would find it highly unlikely he would be anywhere other than Geelong,” Andris told Fairfax media yesterday.

“If Mark’s motivation is to make the most money he can get out of football and set himself up for life then he would not sign and go on the open market, but that is not his motivation. His motivation is he is in a good environment, he likes the team and the club has been good to him.

“Geelong set the tone with our very first discussion when they offered him a rookie list place. We had the meeting with Stephen Wells, Chris Scott and Neil Balme and they said ‘we would love you to come in as a b class rookie’, but at that stage he was not committed to football, he wanted to give the Olympics a shot, and they said ‘no worries we will sign you and you go and do your running and if you make it then no problem we will rip up your contract and if not come back and try football’,” Andris said.

“I am not sure if many clubs would have done what Geelong has done for Mark first of all with the opportunity and then the way they played him.”

Blicavs has played 56 games for Geelong after making his debut in round 1, 2013.