Under 18 draft hopefuls (from left) Ben Keays, Luke Partington, Greg Clark, Darcy Parish, Harley Balic, Jacob Hooper, Kieren Lovell and Michael Hagan. Picture: Jay Town. Source: HeraldSun.com.au

The AFL will begin drug testing future draftees as it looks to clamp down further on the drug culture in the AFL.

The Herald Sun has reported that AFL officials Mark Evans and Peter Harcourt had a meeting with parents of juniors in the AFL academy to tell them that the league would begin testing players for illicit and performance enhancing drugs before they entered the elite level.

The move is hoped to not only stamp out any possible drug use at teenage level, but also educate the young players about the dangers of illicit and performance enhancing drug use.

The parents of draft age children are believed to be very supportive of the idea.

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