Sam Mitchell can be seen mimicking an injection.

The AFL has not ruled out fining Hawthorn veteran Sam Mitchell for his drug taunt at the Essendon players during Saturday’s game at the MCG.

Mitchell apologised after the game, admitting that his injection gesture towards the Essendon players was not a good look for the game.

“I said something that didn’t need to be said,” he told Fox Footy.

“It’s probably not a good look for the game, I shouldn’t have done it and it won’t happen again.

“It’s probably inappropriate, I think it’s not in good taste, it’s not something you want to see and not something you want people seeing and talking about.”

The former Hawks captain was not in direct breach of the AFL’s vilification guidelines, however, he could still be fined for bringing the game into disrepute.

AFL spokesman Patrick Keane said the incident would be reviewed by the football operations team.

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