Dangerous tackles will be more heavily punished in 2016 as the AFL clamps down on tackles made with a lifting, slinging or rotating technique.

Under revised interpretations of the law sent to clubs on Thursday, umpires will apply a stricter adjudication on what is acceptable, while the Match Review Panel will now enforce a stricter definition of dangerous high tackles that cause forceful high contact.

In a series of minor changes the AFL will also widen the protected area around the mark, monitor the handover of who is guarding the mark, more strictly apply the deliberate out-of-bounds rule and have stronger grounds to appeal tribunal and MRP penalties.

However, the League decided not to make any changes to limit the tactic of players going ‘third man up’ at ruck contests, but has vowed to monitor the practice.

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  1. AFL must be the only sport in the world that changes its rules every year. Seriously enough is enough they have wreck a great game

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