Patrick Dangerfield may be headed to the Ctas in season 2016. Picture: Sarah Reed.

Adelaide is insisting it will not pay Patrick Dangerfield over market value to keep him at the club.

The star midfielder is weighing up his future amid speculation he will return home to Geelong at season’s end.

Dangerfield, a restricted free agent at the end of the year, can easily command over a million dollars a year due to his current form.

However, Adelaide believes that they cannot secure Dangerfield with the lure of money, knowing that if he stays, it will be for team success.

Former Adelaide champion Mark Bickley said that he believes Dangerfield has not yet made up his mind.

“It is being here with his mates and a club that has looked after him or going home to play for a team which is closer to home and on a similar trajectory,’’ Bickley said.

“I still don’t believe he has truly decided. Those who say he has gone already, I think that’s rubbish.

“He loves Phil Walsh, he is happy with the changes the club has made and last night he was unbelievable (against Fremantle).

“He is a loyal bloke and has a great moral compass. He is not walking away to the highest bidder.

Kurt Tippett was going home to the Gold Coast and stopped at Sydney but I think Danger will stay or go to Geelong. The money and term is pretty much the same.”