Name: Aidyn Johnson

Position: Midfielder

DOB: 31/10/1997

Height: 184cm

Weight: 75kg

Current club: Bendigo Pioneers

Draft range: 25-rookie

Pub summary: Athletic midfielder who is hard to place in this draft, held back by injury.


  • Athleticism
  • Leap
  • Ball use
  • Hits the scoreboard


  • Injury interrupted year
  • Not especially versatile


Aidyn Johnson is one of the more interesting draft prospects available to clubs this year. Injuries have made it really difficult to draw a solid form line and complete picture of his game. For example, it’s hard to know how he performs in clearance work or as a forward.

Johnson’s athleticism and ball use allow him to break open games and he is great at getting into position for the handball receive. He is arguably one of, if not the best wingman in this year’s draft pool, however, injuries have made it hard for him to demonstrate an ability to play other roles within a side.

The main concern when it comes to Johnson’s game is how he will perform if he isn’t being fed the ball but we feel this won’t be an issue once he adds a bit more size to his frame.

The range of where Aidyn could get drafted is pretty wide. We see Johnson as a third round draft pick but some good testing at the combine could change his standing. If your club picks him up with a late pick they’ve likely got a great deal.