SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JULY 14: James Sicily of the Hawks is tackled by Lance Franklin of the Swans during the 2016 AFL Round 17 match between the Sydney Swans and the Hawthorn Hawks at the Sydney Cricket Ground on July 14, 2016 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Michael Willson/AFL Media/Getty Images)

Which team has received the most free kicks so far in season 2016?

Social media was livid with the lopsided free kick count between the Hawks and Swans last night, but which side has actually received the most free kicks so far in 2016?

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Hawthorn wonΒ the free kick count 15-9, which included several divisive free kicks, including two 50 metre penalties for Sydney players encroaching on the protected zone.

Sydney coach John Longmire was clearly frustrated at the 50 metre penalties post game.

“I don’t know, ask the umpires,” Longmire said when asked whether the interpretation of the rule had changed.

“I don’t know, I really don’t know to be honest.

“Obviously we were undisciplined because I don’t think I’ve seen a differential like that for quite a while.

“I’ll have to go back and we’ll have to get better at our discipline clearly, because that’s a big differential.”

Hawthorn has currently received the most free kicks in 2016, with 333, however, the Hawks and Swans have played one extra game than the rest of the competition after they opened Round 17 last night.

West Coast receive the most free kicks per game, with 21.8, while Brisbane is second with 21.

Most free kicks per gameΒ in 2016:

Club Free kicks For
Total Average
West Coast Eagles 327 21.8
Brisbane Lions 315 21
Collingwood 314 20.9
Hawthorn* 333 20.8
Western Bulldogs 309 20.6
North Melbourne 309 20.6
Geelong Cats 303 20.2
Melbourne 295 19.7
GWS Giants 295 19.7
Sydney Swans* 312 19.5
Port Adelaide 290 19.3
Richmond 289 19.3
Essendon 287 19.1
Adelaide Crows 285 19
Carlton 283 18.9
Fremantle 261 17.4
Gold Coast Suns 250 16.7
St Kilda 238 15.9

*Hawthorn and Sydney have both played 16 matches, while the rest of the competition have played 15.


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  1. The number of Frees is not as important as where on the ground and when they are paid. A free kick in the F50 is more valuable than one paid in the back pocket.

  2. The clown that writes this shit needs to open both his eyes up Cyril got pinged for exactly the same as jack and mcglynn and that cost hawthorn a goal plus the amount of throws Sydney players were doing in close early in game plus the deliberate out of bounds that were paid against Hawks biased commentary at its best by some clown at afl zero hanger

  3. Hawks v interstate sides – lost the count only once; no way this isn’t umpire bias!

    Haw v WCE – 19 v 16
    Haw v ADL – 23 v 19
    Haw v GWS – 18 v 20
    Haw v FRE – 26 v 19
    Haw v SYD – 15 v 12
    Haw v BL – 25 v 20
    Haw v GC – 16 v 14
    Haw v PA – 30 v 28
    Haw v SYD – 15 v 9

    Haw v GEEL – 28 v 24
    Haw v WB – 21 v 25
    Haw v STK – 20 v 16
    Haw v RIC – 19 v 29
    Haw v MEL – 19 v 21
    Haw v ESS – 19 v 14
    Haw v NM – 20 v 29

  4. Hawthorn wouldn’t have won the last three flags if they didn’t average the 4th most free kicks in the 2016 season.
    Anyone heard an umpire say east-west this year?
    Sydney players ran parallel to the player with the ball instead of away from them, it’s been called all season for every team.
    Pretty simple.


  6. Interesting stats but I’d still like to see the frees for and against differential, would see hawks win the free kick count most games.. on another note, 3 frees to Sydney up to half time ? Doesn’t even sound right.

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