Tigers to boycott Triple M

Richmond’s senior players have driven a decision to boycott radio station Triple M this week in the continued fallout to the controversy involving Eddie McGuire.

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The Tigers, who face the Brisbane Lions at the MCG during the prime radio timeslot of Saturday afternoon, could yet continue the boycott beyond this week.

Star forward Jack Riewoldt said the club had reacted strongly to disparaging comments made by McGuire about journalist Caroline Wilson during the lead-up to the Queen’s Birthday clash a week ago.

“There’s been discussion had at the footy club about how we felt about it and how everything went down,” Riewoldt told Fox Footy on Tuesday night.

“The club’s pretty strong in its stance and our club’s a real leader for supporting women’s rights.”

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  1. This is just a joke, blown away way way out of proportion. I’m in no way an Eddie fan either but I’m starting to feel he’s getting a rough label and criticism. He could of said the same about anyone of his colleagues without anything or anyone blinking an eye, but because it was a dour faced lady that he isn’t a big fan of, it’s a violence against woman issue and crap.. Absolute joke

    • And the haters have conveniently forgotten it was actually Danny Frawley that offered to “hold her under”. And also that Caro laughed when Tony Shaw said exactly the same thing!

  2. Hahahaha this joke just continue’s. How pathetic people have become!! Footballers should just worry about playing footy then trying to make statements and try and change the World especially over something so pathetic which was a light hearted joke!!!

  3. Best they boycott 3AW as well, since the same comments about Caro were said on that radio station too or are they just being two-faced about this situation like Caroline Wilson. Either both radio stations and broadcasters are in the wrong and “demeaned and bullied” Caroline Wilson or she laughs about both and takes it as a joke. Not a bit each way, depending on who you like and which station you work for !!

    • Tell me Jason Maclean do you really think that Eddie’s comments were a treat against women? Do you think that women listening to the commentary live felt threatened by what was said? Do you really think that Eddie intended to drown Caro? Do you think that some twisted soul is now plotting to do this to Caro? Do you personally support the Tigers (Sheep) boycott on this? And you call me a flog? At least I have the ability to think for myself and not follow others twisted opinions or politicised viewpoints like a mindless sheep. Let’s hear you big man!

  4. Richmond should boycott the team from the afl fucken hacks trying to take away the media from putting the spotlight of that ice junky coach and player Martin

  5. Gee I bet they’ll miss them?
    Glass Houses RFC?
    Did you lose any supporters over Dusty’s chopsticks threat to female waitress’s?
    The fact Carro has double standards and her 3AW colleagues are allowed to say exactly the same thing?
    I sincerely hope Sam doesn’t try and take tge Micky out of Kochy from today?
    In fact lets legislate the entire media don white coats and give sterile entertainment from this week in case something they say might have a tenuous link that may offend someone unintentionally!!

  6. I get all this, and maybe the language we use in ALF commentary needs to change. Our game is full of phrases that if you draw a long bow (similar to saying keeping Caro’s head under water is the same as drowning her), then commentators shouldn’t say team A “beat” or “belted” or “smashed” team B. Is that insinuating violence?? Next year when the WAFL starts will these words have different meaning because it’s a women’s league? I think this issue has serious under tones and not all the facts are being presented rationally. I’m not supporting Eddie or James but the over reaction today seems more about Eddie then it is actually about Violence against women.

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