MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - MAY 29: Steele Sidebottom of the Magpies looks on during the 2016 AFL Round 10 match between the Collingwood Magpies and the Western Bulldogs at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on May 29, 2016 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Adam Trafford/AFL Media/Getty Images)

Sidebottom questions teammates’ attitude

Collingwood midfielder Steele Sidebottom has slammed his teammates, questioning how much playing footy means to some of the group after the Pies’ heavy loss to Melbourne on Monday.

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The Demons recorded their first Queen’s Birthday win over Collingwood since 2007, with a 46-point demolition, and Sidebottom told ABC Grandstand post-match that “something has to be done”.

“We talked a lot about effort, at the moment we’re only turning up for one in three (matches),” Sidebottom said.

“The message was that we really need to have a good hard think and get together as a group and work out what we want to make of the second half of the year, because what we’re dishing up at the moment is not acceptable.

“Some of the efforts that we’re dishing up out there probably shows that it doesn’t mean enough for our guys.

“Something has to be done, because right now we’re sitting 4-8 at the halfway mark, it’s not good.”

Sidebottom also said he felt for coach Nathan Buckley, putting the onions squarely on the playing group, rather than the under siege coach.

“Personally I feel for Bucks because it’s unfair on him,” he said.

“He’s up in the coaches box and we come out some weeks and play really good footy and then we come out and dish performances up where we lose by 10 goals.”


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    • Game was lost at the selection table ! Who plays 3 ruckman these days ? Cloke kicked 7 straight in this game last year ! Also no crummer in the forward line !

  1. Good. Cos it’s pretty apparent some
    Of those blokes just have their own idea how to go about it. I refuse to believe a coach who mind you is constantly blamed says “handball to blokes under the pump always” and “do not man up, ever”

  2. This season needs to just roll with the punches given the injury toll. Take it on the chin.
    I assure you, a fully fit list can push for top 4 next year. For now, it’s not going to happen, not even top 10. Mark my words though, fully fit. Surprise packet at odds.

    • Fully fit haven’t been fully fit in 5 years since bucks took over. Do you think maybe we should start looking at our fitness and medical staff. This teams has far to many injuries for it to be just bad luck

    • 2010 our team was running on top of the ground. If someone got injuries they had players who came in and played there role. We don’t have that depth we once had.

    • I think the depth is there mate. Problem is they all are being asked to play now, together at once. There must be a problem with the training or condition program out there. It seems weird this has happened consistently. I can understand a bad year but 3 or more years is getting ridiculous.

    • It’s not our fitness staff or medical cause most of them are impact injuries not soft tissue, if it were soft tissue then the evidence would suggest that but it’s not it’s just bad luck.
      I think Cloke should replace cox this week, cox looked terribly out of place.

    • I have to agree re Witts. He doesn’t seem to possess any skill set other than being tall and competing in the ruck. He needs to mark more often and cover more ground.
      Cox however is showing a little more than just being ridiculously tall. He quite agile for his height and like Chris said, he competes for the contest. The best thing Collingwood can do is give him plenty of game time to develop his skills and eventually see him progress into the ruck more often to help Grundy.

  3. When the coach picks 3 rucks with 2 of them being woeful when the balls on the floor hes lost the plot. AFL is no longer a contested matking game. You need to be able to run and tackle.

  4. What a flog only touches the ball when his team is playing well, when he kicked that goal at the end of the first he went up and told bugg how good he is then hardly touched the ball again for the rest of the game..

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