MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - JULY 30: Travis Cloke of the Magpies kicks the ball during the 2016 AFL Round 19 match between the Collingwood Magpies and the West Coast Eagles at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on July 30, 2016 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Adam Trafford/AFL Media/Getty Images)

REPORTS: Cloke accepts offer to join Bulldogs

Travis Cloke has reportedly accepted a multi-year offer to join the Western Bulldogs.

Fox Sports has reported that Cloke and the Bulldogs have agreed to terms on a two-year deal worth a smidgen of his current $800,000 per season wage.

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Cloke was due to be paid around $450,000 by the Pies in 2017, with his current deal heavily front ended. However, at the Kennel, he will earn far less than that.

Collingwood could receive either a secondΒ to third round draft pick or could even request an opportunity starved player they feel may benefit from a fresh start in exchange for Cloke.

The Magpies are expected to be busy this trade period, with Daniel Wells and Lin Jong among the names linked with a move to the Holden Centre, while defender Nathan Brown has been touted as a possible target of the Kangaroos.


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  1. Could be a massive mistake from the dogs, or it could give them 2-3 flags in the next few years. time will tell… Personally i don’t rate cloke, but maybe he will do better in a different side.

    • if he takes a big defender and kicks 30 plus he will be handy for us and paid fuck all and cost a third rounder its win win his knowledge will help big tommy boyd too

    • Big Ed won’t let him go for a 3rd round pick, he’s contracted so Ed gets what he wants or Cloke stays at Collingwood. He’ll cost ya a first rounder minimum.

    • pies have already agreed to a deal outside second round they need the picks for two father sons this year clokes 29 and been playin reserves hes only worth a late second to third round the pies are just happy to get picks in

    • TRAVIS Cloke has come to terms with the Western Bulldogs and will join the club on a greatly reduced two-year deal, contingent on a trade.

      The Dogs and Cloke’s management have agreed on a two-year contract which will see the Collingwood forward paid a fraction of this year’s $800,000 plus salary. Cloke was contracted to be paid close to $450,000 by the Magpies but the Bulldogs will extend his contract by a season while paying him significantly less than that.

      The only small sticking point will be the return that Collingwood will receive for the former All-Australian. It is unlikely to cost the Bulldogs much in terms of draft value given that Collingwood have recruiting priorities and need to open up salary cap room.

      Sources suggest Cloke will be traded for a draft pick outside of the second round, although there is a chance the Magpies will request a player who has been deprived of opportunities at Whitten Oval.

      Travis Cloke has come to terms on a deal with the Western Bulldogs.
      Travis Cloke has come to terms on a deal with the Western Bulldogs.Source: AAP
      The Magpies are trying to land North Melbourne star Daniel Wells as a free agent and are likely to also pick up free agent forward Chris Mayne from Fremantle. They are likely to acquire GWS Giants forward Will Hoskin-Elliott in a trade.

      The Pies have already opened up salary cap room through the retirements of Dane Swan and Alan Toovey and may lose defender Nathan Brown to free agency. But removing Cloke’s salary β€” almost cut in half from this year to 2017 β€” would help them to complete some of these moves.

      Wells is weighing up an approach from Collingwood which will give him at least a two-year deal. North Melbourne has a two-year deal on the table for Wells but earlier this week was not confident of retaining the midfielder.

      Cloke kicked just 17 goals in 13 games this season, his lowest total since 2006, as he was dropped from Nathan Buckley’s side multiple times.

      Buckley told the Collingwood members’ forum earlier in the week the Magpies would not stand in Cloke’s way as they try to grant his trade request.

      β€œTravis is still with us even though he has asked to move on,” Buckley said.

      β€œFrankly, we will do what we need to do to grant him his wish.”

    • jongy is gone to gold coast Paul Addamo my inside spy also tells me gold coast put a huge offer in for jakey stringer and we are in talks with motlop from the cats aswell…

    • Fantastic words mate. I didn’t word mine correctly, but the last few times he has played out of the 50, has been his best games for a year if not two. Boyd has a lot to prove for the money he is on, and Crameri, as an Essendon supporter. I know he has it, but coming back to the game will tell us a lot.

  2. I am all for this. I think the rewards far outweigh the risk, they reportedly have plenty of salary cap space and if it fails I’m tipping Cloke will retire and there will be some kind of pay out.

    I look at it like this. I prefer Cloke when he plays down the ground and works back towards the forward line. As a Geelong fan, he destroyed us a few times and when I see him get possessions down the field and work back towards forward 50 and get his goals running backwards, is when he is most dangerous. When I see him sitting inside the 50 I think yes Cloke stay there all day. You’ll be lucky to kick 2 goals and have no impact.

    I think with Boyd as there inside 50 Hawkins style forward teaming with that version of Cloke could be a great combination.

    If they both end up as stay at home forwards then I don’t think it will work. They will get in the way of each other and all Cloke will do is hinder the development of boyd.

    Now before all the naysayers go, what about Crameri. We’ll Crameri is yet to establishment himself prior to his suspension as a star player, he was always a good player, but has not reached the heights Cloke has and there is nothing saying that he will return and be still the quality of an AFL player. Smart recruiting by the doggies here. It puts less pressure on Crameri and opens up more options for them. It also puts less pressure in two years when Redpath returns and allows he dogs to take there time with him. Give him an extra 6 months rehab because let’s be honest. We can’t have another Menzel / Morabito etc.

    • Eug I actually don’t mind it, you will be paying him absolutely fuck all and if he kicks 30-40 goals that is awsome, and he is another big target Becasue your other forward redpath is out for the whole season . If the donkey can learn to kick straight, I reckon he will be ok

  3. I’m sad and hope he can turn his form around. He’s been very average the last few years. Good luck trav. You’ve taken a risk. Let’s see how it goes for you. No hard feelings of course…..unless you play us then it’s war. Go pies.

  4. Paying him like 200k at the most and a fourth round pick, wouldn’t call it a bad deal, it’s risk vs reward. At the moment the Digs struggle to take a mark inside 50, if Cloke finds confidence in a new environment and starts picking the ball out of the air in front of goal if will be a steal. Have to also remember the Dogs only tall key forward is Boyd, Redpath will mis the majority of next season with an ACL so it’s more of a depth call than anything else and not giving up much for it

  5. Yuck. Not sure how a plodder with bad hands and shaky-at-best kicking skills on the downside of his career helps the Dogs’ forward line. He’s fine as a guy to pass the time until Redpath is back, but on a multi year deal?

  6. Straight swap Cloke for Jong….done deal. Cloke will be good for the Dogs…people forget he has hardly missed a game in 12 years of service to the pies…that’s almost unheard of for a guy 100kg plus…he will win some games for you guys next year do’nt worry…this is a feel good trade for all as Cloke will always be a premiership player for the pies and nearly won the 2011 grannie off his own boot in the first half…good luck Trav and thanks for outstanding service.

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