ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 20: Eddie Betts of the Crows celebrates with teammates after he kicked a goal during the round 22 AFL match between the Port Adelaide Power and the Adelaide Crows at Adelaide Oval on August 20, 2016 in Adelaide, Australia. (Photo by Morne de Klerk/Getty Images)

Power fan could face life ban

Port Adelaide will ban for life the supporter who threw an object at Adelaide forward Eddie Betts late in Saturday night’s Showdown if it is found her act was racially motivated.

Power chairman David Koch announced the penalty on Sunday afternoon.

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Her club membership for next season has been revoked immediately.

The incident occurred in the final quarter of Adelaide’s 15-point win over the Power.

On video, a woman was seen throwing an object (possibly a banana) towards Betts after he kicks his fifth goal of the game, but the object is batted away by Crows teammate Josh Jenkins.

Both the Crows and the Power released statements in the early hours of Sunday morning condemning the behavior.



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  1. I doubt it was a racial thing, the object she threw and i dont believe fans should be throwing anything at players, just happened to be a banana she had in her hand at the time. No excuses for her actions, but i also don’t agree with players getting up in the face of opposition supporters and expecting not to get a reaction.

  2. Watch everyone jump on the “it was racist bandwagon” and the media blow this up because his indigenous. Why bring attention to it regardless if there was a racial motive or not it isn’t acceptable to throw anything at ANY player despite their background and the person should be banned for life

  3. Look at these clowns saying it wasn’t racist. She was told to shut up after making racist comments and then she troughs a banana at Eddie. Wake up dickheads it was racist. Ban her for life and put a photo of her face on the news and in the news paper so everybody can se who this racist arsehole is

  4. As a Port fan I say ban her for life..the game doesn’t need crap like this…Eddie is a true champion of the game and an outstanding son met him recently in a park playing with his kids and he took the time to not only chat with him but take a selfie..legend!..

  5. The footage looks like it actually hit Jenkins in the back as he went to hug Betts from behind. I doubt it was racially motivated and that she kept a stash of bananas just for Betts, but throwing anything onto the ground at players deserves a long ban! Even the other Port fans around looked shocked/disgusted at her behaviour. EDIT: just found out it was racially motivated :0 Deserves lifeban!

  6. Wish you people would get over this shit of everything is about racism. What would you call it if a aboriginal threw a banana at a white person, nothing, all i can say is if you want it all to stop then start acting like a human and stop crying wolf every time. She threw a banana, yeh thats wrong but ffs racism NO,

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