during the round 12 AFL match between the Melbourne Demons and the Collingwood Magpies at Melbourne Cricket Ground on June 13, 2016 in Melbourne, Australia.

Mid-season trading being considered by AFL

The way club lists are shaped in the future has been the subject of a recent brainstorming session involving key AFL officials and club list managers.

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Mid-season trading, short-term contracts, list sizes, free agency and compensation, trading players during the NAB AFL Draft and the need for a pre-season draft were all on the agenda.

The AFL gathering, reported in The Australian on Thursday, was designed to facilitate discussion and hear club views on many of the issues that have been raised in relation to player movement and acquisition rather than with a view to forming any immediate recommendations.

“The idea behind it was to bring people from within the AFL and from clubs together just to explore a whole range of things that could potentially assist clubs, the League and players in formulating a future draft, trading and free agency system,” Evans said.

The AFL last had a mid-season draft in 1993 but it was a major talking point when AFL CEO Gillon Mclachlan met with club coaches in 2014.

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  1. Yes! That way the players that don’t want to be at their clubs anymore don’t have to waste a year & bring moral down for the rest of the boys. They can then move on to their preferred clubs which can be a pivotal moment come September etc.

    • Yeah, cause thats what it will be for..so that players can get where they want 😂 its a terrible idea. Should only be allowed to sign up players from non afl clubs to help with injuries and when the season is over, they go back to their club unless they get drafted.

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  3. Mid season draft only for replacing long term injured players and only with players from lower leagues/rookie listed players if their own club doesn’t elevate them to the senior team.

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