GEELONG, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 12: Eddie McGuire looks on during the round two AFL match between the Geelong Cats and the Fremantle Dockers at Simonds Stadium on April 12, 2015 in Geelong, Australia. (Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images)

McGuire calls on AFL to leave GWS out of next two drafts

Collingwood president Eddie McGuire has called on the AFL to leave Greater Western Sydney out of the national draft for the next two years.

McGuire told Triple M Radio on Tuesday that he would be happy for the Giants to keep their academy selections, however, believes they should sit out the next two drafts in order to ensure the competition remains even.

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“I’m not anti the academies, but I reckon at the moment what the AFL could do – I’m throwing one from left-field here – is if you left GWS out of the draft for the next two years but give them access to the academy players that they have got,” McGuire said.

“There is one kid down at Melbourne Grammar who might have driven through the Riverina once, but he’s going to be in their academy next year. So let them have those players.

“And then allow Brisbane – give them a priority pick – sort them out. Then what that means is  those extra players go into the draft, so teams like Richmond and teams towards the bottom of the ladder now can get some good recruits in the next couple of years and that will just even it up and then away we go.”

The Giants fell just one kick short of the Grand Final this season, just five years after joining the AFL and look destined to become a powerhouse of the competition given the plethora of young talent at their disposal.


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  1. Someone please send Eddie a box of Kleenex. Look what he did to Brisbane by sooking up about extra payments.
    He was instrumental in Swans missing draft, after drafting Buddy.
    Cost of living is so much more there and the lure of coming home to Victoria is still strong.
    They need concessions to keep players, before victorian clubs take all their players as well – and this is coming from a Carlton supporter, a club that has definitely benefited from trading with GWS.

  2. I can kind of understand where Eddie is coming from even though he comes across as bitter. Although, missing 2 whole drafts is a tad extreme. Fair play to GWS for making the most of every opportunity given to them. It’s not their fault.

  3. I’m a Collingwood supporter, Eddie instead of complaining about about GWS what about you just concentrate on getting a new coach for next year, and how about you just keep your big fat mouth shut

  4. While we’re at it how about only letting us start playing each game from 3/4 time and forcing our players kick with their non-preferred boot?

    Seriously, was this flog dropped on his head as a toddler, how is he so head f****d??

    • If you take your anti Eddie glasses off and actually read the article, you will understand that the concessions paid to GWS were always going to turn them
      into a powerhouse. They recieved far greater concessions than the Gold Coast. The problem they will have and Eddie and the rest of the clubs may benefit from, is the fact that GWS will struggle to retain all their gun players under the cap; regardless of their cap concessions.

    • Andy Williams The concessions given to GWS and GCFC were decided upon and approved by all the other clubs. The fact the established clubs were unwilling to offload their better players to the Giants forced GWS to invest heavily in the draft. Now after 3 years of thrashings and a further year of being average GWS is finally a strong side and all of the sudden Eddie feels the world is ending.

      Eddie and the other Presidents were happy to profiteer from the additional TV Rights revenue generated by the additional northern sides.

      He was happy to pillage GWS of our elite draft picks (Treloar/Adams), but cannot seem to tolerate our club being successful.

      All he is doing is creating more hysteria, his real goal is to have the Academy re-zoned….these bullshit statements are just a sideshow designed to create more angst.

      He is a pathetic excuse for a human being.

  5. The afl is legally rigged, sydney havent missed the finals in 14 years and now gws are about to do another brisbane lions and dominate the next few years.. clear as day the afls only agenda is to make as much money as possible and try infiltrate the rugby market. If anyone has brought the afl into disrepute its andrew demitriou and his little boyfriends, no wonder why he hit the road its clear as day how dodgey he is

  6. Love how everyone point to Gold Coast as some sort of defense in these arguments. GWS was practically given double what Gold Coast received, in terms of top draft picks. GC had one draft in 2011, to effectively make it happen, when they had 7 of the top 15. The Giants then got that same deal for 2 years! They also had the mini-draft for those 17 yr olds which netted 2 extra top 5 picks, plus they kept 2 of them without having to draft them. (And for people paying attention, you should look up who those 2 turned out to be!)
    Tell me again how GC got the same? Then GC happened to be hit by significant injuries to a lot of players over the last few years, clearly something has to be done with medico and fitness staff. But your an imbecile if you think they both started on level footing.
    The only thing people could say is GC didn’t recruit the right way, but they obviously Jose to try and be more competitive, quicker, whereas GWS played the longer game and resigned themselves to an extra 12 months of pain (although they’ve obviously ended up developing faster. I wonder why?). In the end, there’s no guarantee they’ll even win 1 flag. They’ll be competitive, no-doubt, but as they found out this year, it’s not easy to make a GF, let alone win one.

    • I am a Geelong supporter but would be over the moon for GWS if they won the next 5 GF because we need to lift the profile of AFL in NRL heartland and the sooner the Sydney teams thrive and a major rivalry forms we will only then have a true national competition

    • I definitely wouldn’t begrudge them for winning. If they’re the best team in it, then why not? And yes the ensuing rivalries with other prominent teams of the day would absolutely help build they’re profile and help AFL continue to grow in the NSW market.

  7. Gold coast got sort of the same draft concessions as GWS and look where they are. Eddie needs to remember a couple of things. Its one thing to get plenty of picks and get players, its another thing to turn them into great players. Just because GWS picked players correctly, trained them properly unlike gold coast, and recruited the corect experienced players (again unlike gold coast). Doesn’t mean they should now be punished for doing everything correctly and thoroughly. He also needs to remember with that short memory of his that his club is one who gave them a future draft pick.

  8. News just in…

    Eddie McGuire caught sucking off a camel whilst wearing his mother’s underwear and using his own faeces as lubricant to masturbate to nude photos of Travis Cloke

  9. Gws haven’t done anything wrong why should they be punished? Just like Sydney with their trade embargo a few years back. They’ve only operated within their rights. The afl is to blame in regards to how they chose to allow both expansion clubs to grow and gain access to players. The Eagles, crows, dockers and port weren’t given anywhere near the same resources when they entered the comp. just shows how desperate they are to seize the 1% of the rugby dominated market that is NSW.

    • WA and SA have always pruduced top end AFL talent through grass roots footy – something NSW lacks, so in that respect I understand the fewer concessions given – still though GWS have done extremely well through the AFL.

  10. Gold Coast been in the same boat & how’s that gone?? If every other side played their kids once drafted instead of letting them as they call it “develop” they too will become stars..
    The pies had their time to be a power house after the 2010 flag but bucks fucked that up so deal with it

  11. Just leave them alone and concentrate on your own club… Salary Cap is equal, use the drawcard of coming home to get some of their players.. Stop whining

  12. And yet Gold Coast had more or less the same conditions and haven’t done nearly as well… don’t blame the Giants for making the most of their circumstances. They will only be able to hold on to so many of their team as their value increases. That means well-trained AFL ready players that every other club can trade for…

    • That’s not how I read it… a couple of extra draft picks and a bit more salary space based on the ridiculous cost of living in Sydney… I’d say they did a better job. Even allowing for the extra picks/salary space, if GC had done nearly as well with what they had, they should be making the eight by now…

  13. Get a life Eddie. You need to think beyond yesteryear. “Learn from the past live in the present plan for the future.” (Audrey Farrell). Stop throwing stones at those who have clear, strong plans that work.

  14. Its rich coming from him whys is it always an issue when a non victorian team gets better theyve not one anything yet so why is it an issue. If they start winning every game and win over 2 premierships in the next 5 years then maybe step in. Its the same issue adelaide and port have with the Sanfl they complain about their reserves dominating yet in 3 years neither has one a premiership. Its complaining about something that hasnt happened yet and may not even happen

  15. He’s rite, the Giants raped the draft three years in a row. Give other teams ago.
    If the AFL gave the bottom team what the Giants got there would be an uproar

  16. Anyone who disagrees obviously didn’t read it. This would possibly save brisbane in a pretty shitty market too. Help out the struggling teams to make the comp more even

  17. Well considering GWS has something like 26 first round draft picks in their team… with another 3 inside the first round this year really not a terrible idea!! AFL looked after them way too much! Will be a dominate team for a long time

  18. Eddie only thinks about what is best for Eddie; that attitude is not healthy for the afl the Suns and GWS are still young and need all the help they can get to have a solid establishment

  19. What a joke Eddie is ! Over the next couple years they will even out and be just like every other club , either you have a premiership winning culture or you don’t … The athletes in your team don’t make that much difference ..

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