JUST IN: Nissan terminates Footy Show sponsorship

Global car giant Nissan will terminate its sponsorship deal with The Footy Show at the end of the 2016 AFL season in the wake of Sam Newman’s scathing rebuke of Age journalist Caroline Wilson. The news comes as the embattled program posts slumping ratings figures, with The Footy Show shedding half its Melbourne audience in just four weeks.

Fairfax Media has learned that crisis talks took place between Nine managing director Ian Paterson and Nissan Australia chief executive Richard Emery last week, after Newman defended his close friend Eddie McGuire over the “ice bath” furore. Newman described reporting of the story as a “backwater of garbage” peddled by “cowardly excrement” in “second-tier media”.

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He also declared: “The jig is up Caro, honestly and truly. You’ve become an embarrassment. Even if you were underwater, you’d still be talking”.

The statements may be investigated by the Australian Communications and Media Authority.

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    • Yeah… The global auto manufacturer that made a profit of $4.4 billion US dollars last year are dependent on the exposure they receive from The Footy Show. Perhaps they just don’t want their products associated with an archaic dinosaur?

    • Nissan Australia is just an arm of Nissan Motor Corporation (a Japanese company). I don’t believe the Australian arm releases financial statements to the public and their operations are included in NMC’s report. The figure of $4.4 billion US dollars is what 589 billion Yen translated to at the time their financial statement was released.

      They will probably get more exposure by pulling their sponsorship now whilst this issue is in the media than they ever would have by sponsoring the show.

  1. It’s comment like this from Sam y even watch the show.. Get rid of all the bull crap rules and political correctness restricting the show and ratings would go back up

  2. At least Sam has the guts to say what he thinks.
    Do you think before the show they want to say something controversial and when it come ls to who is going to deliver it Brayshaw sits back and goes yep I agree but I can’t say it because I’m president of a club and he couldn’t handle the backlash from the narrow minded squeaky wheels like Ed and Sam.
    Well done Sam.
    I don’t condone violence against woman but I don’t condone it against anyone

  3. Channel 9 needs a shake up from the top down. From those who thought it ok to go overseas and kidnap children to those who then thought it ok to by their staff’s freedom for $500k and leave one person in jail. From Sam Newman to the morons that continue to employ Sam Newman. Channel 9 and particularly the footy show are becoming irrelevant. 50% drop in ratings in 4 weeks tells you that.

  4. The ratings slump is due 2 switching from thursday night to wednesday night during the thursday footy rounds. Pretty standard!

  5. He may be a dickhead but he reality is if u break down his whole speech he said nothing wrong. Ok maybe he was a bit over the top.

    And whoever claims they have never heard of the saying, “that person could talk so much that they could talk with a mouth full of marbles under water”, then there full of it. It was a tongue in cheek comment, which has given footy show bashers the excuse to go after Newman again.

    Now personally I’m not a fan of Newman. I think they have a ready made successor to Newman already in Crawford and to me his time is nearly up. However I have nothing against what he said.

    As for Nissan well that’s gutless, be honest, the reason is not Newman, it’s about money. If it was about Newman they should have taken a stance last week.

  6. Newman is a dickhead. Always has been. He was sticking up for his mates and taking the shit out of anyone who didnt agree with him. The only excretement in this episode is Newman

  7. Haha nissan u are a joke! And ur product sucks ass anyway. Holden hasnt even pulled its sponsorship from collingwood and thats where the comments originated. Must have been looking for an excuse

  8. The next car company to sponsor the footy show could do an advertising tie-in. They could say “our cars are tough, they won’t fold at the slightest contact”. Piss weak Nissan. So are your cars.

  9. Well done Nissan,Chanel 9 footy show needs to report on footy not smut,thought Bec may have improved the show but not to be.
    Mangrook footy show NITV with Gibert is more entertaining.

  10. Only cause they not selling enuf cars to pay for it. As for those bagging Newman…pull ya pathetic heads in. Ur in the minority as true aussies and i dont mean u, are sick to death of people being so easily offended by every little thing they may not agree with. Was very difficult editing this as i typed it so I’ll stop there.

  11. Dom Cugno gimme a break, the only media personality who speaks his mind instead of giving us bullshit information, this is why football players give the exact same boring answer when they get interviewed at conferences ffs

  12. Caroline Wilson is a Pies hater, every little thing she can do to fuck them up she will. Back at ya bitch!!! It was not meant in a nasty way – actually Brayshaw’s comment was worse and gets off Scott free!! Wake up pathetic precious footy reporters!!!!!

  13. Once again Sam Newman speaks truth and poor little delicate people get upset and sook. Maybe door opens for Kleenex to sponsor so when tears are flowing it’ll be fresh in people’s mind. Harden up

  14. I think all car manufacturers are looking at their finances. Newman and Maguire have given Nissan and Holden an excuse to get out of expensive sponsorship contracts.

  15. The World Has Gone Insane.
    NISSAN HOLDEN and every other insanely political correct MORON.
    Caro The Muppett.
    I have never Hit or Even thought about hitting a Woman in my Life.
    Lets Get to the real Problems like the so Called People of God Molesting Children over Many Many Years. Seriously People most People hate Caro and its not because she’s a Woman but because she gets on peoples nerves as Did Adam Goodes.

    • No such thing as freedom of speech any more. No longer a 2 way street. You can’t have your own opinion. Sam was just sticking up for Eddie. Saying Caroline chooses when she wants to have a cry about certain things blah blah blah. Fuck I hate that bitch

  16. The worlds crazy if these guys were joking about another bloke instead of a woman would this have even been a bloody issue
    You speak your mind and if its against the common belief you get spanked for it

  17. Big mistake Nissan you dickheads the footy shows more popular than your business do you get what freedom of speech is. Must be a ceo who doesn’t like Sam simple as that.

  18. I don’t agree with any violence but what was said was very much tongue in check l reckon and why did take a week for it to hit the news if Caroline didn’t get her media mates to start this Eddie witch hunt ffs this has gotten so out of control

  19. Right or wrong, image is everything.
    If nissan leave or stay there will be scoffers. Theyve taken the moral high ground….and as a business you have to be squeaky clean.

  20. Good call by Nissan. That show continues to go downhill. You have to be blind to not see that it was a personal attack. Sam hates the Wilson family, his comments were full of venom.

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