ICYMI: Sam Newman backs Eddie, hits out at Caro

In case you missed it, watch Sam Newman on The Footy Show last night, as he gave his take on the Eddie McGuire-Caroline Wilson drowning ‘joke’ controversy.


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  1. I think Caroline Wilson should be ashamed about making such and event about her (me me me) Neil Daniher and many other people have put time and energy into this, including Eddie Mcguire. It was a comment made in the light of the occassion and she has tarnished this by making it a political agenda once again. You want to swim with the big fish, make sure your willing to cop as much as you dish out.

  2. Sam is never wrong with anything. He just says what people are too afraid to say. He’s a very smart man. It was a joke not a dick, don’t take it so hard!!!!

  3. Fuck this page either admin hates Eddie or they’ve got rocks in their head. Only playing a snippet of Sam Newmans speech piss weak journalism!!! I’m done from this page, CLICK UNFOLLOW!!!

  4. I dont like Caroline Wilson, she is a bit too brutal at times, as are some male jounos. They dont cop anywhere near the flack she gets. Sam Newman was sticking up for his mates. Nothing more, nothing less. So his opinion is very biased. I think Newman is the piece of shit. Cant watch the Footy show becuase of this dick head

  5. The real problem nowdays is that some ppl can’t take a joke, and more importantly they can’t accept an apology. This whole business has been blown way out of proportion. As i said on another post, if C.Wilson had made this comment first would the outrage have been the same…. i doubt it. As a journalist of any type i would have thought Caroline’s skin may have been thicker, but obviously not. I would suggest that maybe some ppl might want to stop talking to her because she’s just so precious! Everyone should get the hell over it and remember to be Australian and take the piss out of everyone. Say no to Domestic Violence sure, but the old saying sticks and stones comes into mind….. let it make you stronger and wiser, not a bleeding heart.

  6. Wow is there anything you can say without someone calling sexist or racist. People it was a joke that’s all it was just like her workmates done previously but apparently Eddie is the bad guy here. What hypocrisy!!!

  7. It wasnt Caroline Wilson who made this such a big deal in the first place. Newman is a gorilla from the dark ages. ITs a bit rich for a known supporter of Dank, Donald Trump, and a perverted, out of touch, dirty old man, to be calling other people an embaressment.

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