Hawks star could be trouble at the MRP

Will Hawthorn star Cyril Rioli be suspended for this bump on Melbourne’s Clayton Oliver?


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    • Yea he disguised it well
      All players know you can look at the ball and still take someone out.
      its easy to do

  1. Freo player got three let’s see how afl rules this ????? Remembering bottom side compared to top side. We are all watching you Victorian arseholes with baited breath. 😎😎

  2. guarantee you there is another more incriminating camera angle that the AFL won’t even acknowledge & he’ll get off. Happens all the time to the protected species!

  3. Everyone here saying he should be suspended are butt hurt fans that don’t follow the club. The chest on the player is not the head, now how about use get that through your heads? Or wait is that your chests?

  4. Commentators last week said Dawson should get heaps because he ran past the ball when a player fumbled, this week its an excuse for him to get off. He will get off because he plays for Hawthorn and Mitchell again throwing a punch. Nothing will happen there either AGAIN for this very dirty player

  5. Free kick Hawthorn still trending. A nuffy player would get weeks for that. Delicious, Hodgey, Mitch, Lewis & Co. are protected species. Bet you Delicious does not even get charged

  6. If you choose to bump you have to miss the head. Cyrils shoulder hit his head so by the rules he should get games but he won’t because he’s Cyril and to be honest the rule is bullshit* it should be based on intent not accidental contact.

    • Yea Oliver was rubbing his chin for no reason
      Watch the video and take the hawthorn glasses off
      If he didn’t play for hawthorn he would b in more shit than a Werribee duck

  7. yeah im a hawks supporter and yeah im bias but i wouldnt want to see any player of the game get suspended for good fair bumps like this. Everyone complains about footy going too soft but then whinge about hard hits,…

    • It’s still contact to the head
      Every other incident with eyes on the ball ie Sidebottom ziebell etc cop 2 weeks plus loading this should be the same
      This will tell us if hawks are protected species
      Only things that are in his favour is Oliver is tough
      And he is Cyril who plays for hawthorn

  8. Seriously if Rioli gets suspended for that The games become a joke, Mitchell’s open hand slap was in retaliation for Watts hitting him 1st

    No weeks for either…..

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