SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 10: Lachie Whitfield of the Giants is tackled by Jarrad McVeigh of the Swans during the 2016 AFL First Qualifying Final match between the Sydney Swans and the GWS Giants at ANZ Stadium on September 10, 2016 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Michael Willson/AFL Media/Getty Images)

Giants set to lose draft picks over Whitfield scandal

Greater Western Sydney stand to lose early draft picks as well as star player Lachie Whitfield as part of the final damning conclusion to the 18-month drug saga.

Fairfax reports the AFL is looking to strip the club of two early draft picks, possibly a first and second-round selection in national draft on November 25, with the cases against Whitfield and two former club officials likely to be ratified at the AFL Commission meeting early next week.

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Fairfax Media believes the Giants could lose selections 15 and 37 in this year’s draft.

GWS traded down to pick two in the draft to secure a top-end talent and still have sufficient points with later picks to claim highly rated draft prospects Will Setterfield and Harry Perryman.

It is understood the Giants were mindful during the trade period to not only secure sufficient points from early draft picks but also to safeguard those points with enough picks in the event of an AFL sanction over the Whitfield affair.


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  1. Having your clubs “higher ups” hide a player from drug testers is worse than Adelaide paying tippet under the table and on par with essendon. Both clubs were removed from first 2 rounds of the draft. Don’t see why it shouldn’t happen here if there going to out their foot down on something like this.

    • Chris Morris yeah they had some form of agreement to let him go back to qld if he wanted so when he chose Sydney everyone went ape shit and it came out he was receiving payment outside of the salary cap. Crows were fined and stripped of picks.

    • Adelaide didn’t pay skirt rippit anything under the table. They just didn’t advise the wankers at the AFL of the agreement. Never payed over the salary cap either. Still got smashed far greater than the drug addled pricks at Essendon

  2. whats it gonna be wankers…stop speculating and reproducing Herald Sun garbage…it aint so much about GWS when it comes to that rag of a newspaper……they are hiding behind the fact that they really wanna screw Collingwood and Gubby Allen….Slobbo Robbo at it again?

  3. Have to lose picks for two years crows lost two years first and second round for agreeing to trade tippet where he wanted he had a side deal that even if declared wouldn’t have breached cap.
    Surely that isn’t even in the same league as this.

  4. You would think every club would have learnt alot over the essendon saga but apperently not u would think that would open clubs eyes for essendon dont blame the players at all its the cunts that lead the club so all clubs should of used them as an example of what could happen

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