MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 23: The Cats look dejected after losing the AFL Second Preliminary Final match between the Geelong Cats and the Sydney Swans at Melbourne Cricket Ground on September 23, 2016 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images)

Freo coach slams end of season bye

Fremantle coach Ross Lyon says he AFL must scrap the end of season bye following Sydney’s comprehensive preliminary final victory over the Geelong at the MCG on Friday night.

The Swans ran out 37-point winners, thanks largely to a dominant and clinical first term blitz which saw them score 7.2 (44) to Geelong’s 0.5 (5).

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Cats’ coach Chris Scott refused to blame the bye for his side’s poor start last night, however, Lyon believes the fact Geelong played just one game in 27 days leading into the match clearly had an impact on their performance.

“Once you break that cycle, it’s impossible to replicate an AFL senior game over that period of time,” Lyon said on Fox Footy on Saturday.

“It’s indisputable what you saw at the start of the game. It’s going to be a real issue. I think they have to look at the formula.

“You’ve got to be rewarded for winning the most games (and finishing) top-four. That’s been fundamental to the competition. But that’s now dissipated that advantage.

“It’s now a potential negative if you have the week off (and) win your first final.”

The bye week in between Round 23 and the first week of finals was implemented for the first time this season to stop teams assured of a finals spot resting a large number of players in the final round of the season.


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    • Difference is freo used it as an advantage the AFL cried like a bitch !! Freo resting there players is there choice nothing to do with the 17 other teams or the AFL #dontblamerossblametheAFL

  1. If the AFL is worried about teams resting players in the last round, then ban betting on the games.its all about money and I agree the teams who finish top four should get an advantage going into the finals.

  2. why’s he commenting not as thou it was an issue for freo and by the way swans thumped geelong with ferocious tackling. geelong always wilts under hard tackling. also happened in games against carlton & collingwood

  3. Ross Lyon is a wanker if Geelong won he wouldn’t have said it, as things don’t always go to plan he is talking for the sake of talking. Ross needs to realise Sydney beat Geelong 97-60 so the bye was a result of a 37 point thumping Ross 8 weeks earlier Sydney travelled to the cattery Geelong’s sacred fortress and beat them 96-60 Geelong dint have a bye that weeks before, maybe Ross Lyon you wanker Sydney could be a better side than Geelong by 6 goals history shows it with and WITHOUT a bye. Stop making excuses for a side that is inconsistant

    • Melanya and Ash im sorry these guys are paid 250000.00 a year to play 25 games a year if you use a bye as an excuse for loosing it got to be poor management and training what was there excuse earlier simple thing is both times sydney are 6 goals better and both times they were geelong home games
      alir alir and 4 other swans had never been to the mcg he took more marks in1.5 qrt until injured than hawkins henderdon and motlop
      Failure to admit poor performance and blame a bye and discount home game advantages is silly other teams win after a bye
      I know for a fact some geelong players were worried about getting grand final tickets for family members maybe they should have worried about making it first

  4. Fuck of ross u dickhead. Its ur fuckin fault we have the bye in the 1st place!!! cos u n bloody brad scott decided to drop every bastard and practically field a fuckin under 12s side last round of 2015. No bye he creates his own, have a bye n he whinges, im not sure if ur aware or not mr lyon but freo didnt even make the fuckin finals, so wat difference does it make to ur side, there all either on holiday, jumping ship or trying steal a wafl flag by stackin peel with 18 afl listed players. Y dnt u sit on ur ass for the next few weeks and watch the bulldogs replays over and over cos THATS how u fuckin play our great game, not that ugly crap brand of footy ur teams dish up ya fuckin big eared gallah. And freo wont make the finals again for a very long time any ways old rossy boy, im sure eventually a rebuild will be all to hard 4 u n ull walk out on freo n leave their list in about as good a condition as fuckin syria, just like u did stkilda!! I spose 1 advantage is ull get an extra month off in September for the 5 to 10 years, and with a bit of luck ur purple muppets will have to wait as long as the bulldogs had to!!! 🖕🖕🖕

  5. I don’t dispute that the 3 week lay off hurt our chance of winning, but we should have been better prepared for the swans and their first qrt blitzes. Doggie fans would view the bye differently as it certainly helped them get players back in the park for the knockout 1st semi. Apart from our game, all the others have been great contests and the bye will stay. One other thing Ross Lyon forgets is that he was responsible for creating the bye when he ‘rested’ 3/4 of his team in last minor round to ensure a g/f appearance in 2013!

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