MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 14: Trent Cotchin of the Tigers handballs to Brandon Ellis during the round 21 AFL match between the Richmond Tigers and the Geelong Cats at Melbourne Cricket Ground on August 14, 2016 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Michael Dodge/Getty Images)

Former umpire says Tigers robbed twice in dying moments

There were two opportunities to award Richmond a 50 metre penalty in the dying moments of Geelong’s win over the Tigers on Sunday afternoon.

Speaking on SEN Radio on Tuesday morning, former umpire Derek Humphrey-Smith says Trent Cotchin should have been lining up for a shot on goal after the siren, with umpires missing two chances to award a 50 metre penalty.

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“If you are a Richmond supporter you would’ve obviously watched your team being absolutely overrun in that last quarter,” Humphery-Smith said.

“Having said that Trent Cotchin in the last minute of that game should’ve got a 50 metre (penalty).

“There’s been a ball up in the middle, ball spills towards the Richmond end, Cotchin lays a tackle on a Geelong player (Sam Menegola) and incorrect disposal is correctly paid.

“He goes back to take his kick and… (Patrick) Dangerfield does not leave the ten metre protected area quickly enough.

“More importantly Joel Selwood running through on the far side of the ground…he’s within five metres of Cotchin and he has to be ten metres outside the protected area.

“Cotchin then plays on towards Selwood, swings onto his right foot and kicks it long.

“It should’ve immediately been a 50 metre penalty. It would’ve brought Cotchin to about 20 metres out.

“If he kicked it Richmond would’ve won the game.”

However, the 50 metre penalty was not payed and Cotchin’s kick into the forward 50 was not marked by a Richmond player and Geelong held on to win the match by a mere four points.


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  1. Just watched the replay, absolute garbage! Not to mention Vickery should never got his free kicks. He dropped from a feather touch, hadn’t paid them all game.
    Cotchin played on instantly, how do you clear the area of he plays on instantly.

    • They were already inside the area and it happened all quarter, would have been unlucky to pay it. I thought the umpires let the 50-50’s go in that last 10 mins and it made the game so much better to watch!

  2. 23 free kicks to 15 the Tigers way, would suggest the frees weren’t in the Cats favour. That’s without the constant interference with Tom Hawkins for 3 quarters when going for the ball.
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m a cats supporter who thought their effort for 3 quarters was dismal and they didn’t deserve the win for those 3 quarters of footy.
    Pretty sure Richmond not showing up after 3 quarter time had more of an impact on the final result though, than 2 unpaid free kicks.

  3. What a load of shit… You could single out so many free’s that may or may not have been incorrectly paid through the match which could of turned the game either way. Why try pick out some technicality in the last 30 secs. That’s football the result is what it is!!! Move on.

  4. I stopped reading when I seen dangerfield and selwood mentioned. Untouchables. Same thing happens a quater earlier to brandon ellis and mcarthy gets a 50m penalty and kicks a goal. They dont have the pills to pay free kicks in the dying stages.

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