Former Dees skipper likely to seek fresh start at season’s end

Former Melbourne co-captain Jack Grimes looks likelyΒ to seek a new home come the end of the year, after being starved of opportunities over the past few seasons at the Dees.

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Grimes, who is a restricted free agent at season’s end, is yet to play a senior game this season despite being fully fit.

Youngsters such as Thomas Bugg, Josh Wagner and Jayden Hunt have all moved ahead ofΒ GrimesΒ in the pecking order.

The 27-year-old’s manager, Anthony McConville has toldΒ that his client’s future at the club appears “limited”, prompting speculation that he may seek a fresh start at a new club next season.

“Obviously, I’m concerned Jack hasn’t played all year and has been fit and healthy,” McConville said.

“I am concerned that his future at Melbourne looks limited.”

Grimes has played 98 games with the Dees, 54 of those as co-captain between 2012-14.


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  1. Biggest mistake the clib made was giving him the captaincy at such a young age

    That may have also given him more years in the system because he just isn’t up to the AFL standard these days

  2. I hope he does would like to see him play good footy. Wrongly starved of opportunity and he’s been our most consistent VFL player by a mile. Fantastic endeavour but his disposal let’s him down

  3. The SHABBIES should chase him. They might land their first big fish!!! 🐟🐟🐟 Shaun Johnston Michael John Burke Paul Henderson Matt Jakobi Gareth Park Ryan Park

    • You know what Luke Ritchie he embodies the Shemons as a whole.. Identified early as a good player by your club – but was never any good! Given a undeserved promotion and now what’s to leave… Where is the development you talk about??? Youngest captain since Carey- your club is a joke

    • Brownlow medalist all Australian – put your manners back in…. Grimes overrated from start to finish like everyone down at the shemons. Your players only reach their potential after they leave that blackhole of a club

    • Jesse Ewert has brains Shaun Johnston. He took the words right out of my mouth. And the SHABBIES can have all they want in all Aussies but they are crap side who have reached their full potential.

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