MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 02: Ben Cousins and Daniel Chick of the Eagles celebrate the Eagles win over the Tigers after the round 22 AFL match between the Richmond Tigers and the West Coast Eagles at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on September 2, 2006 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Robert Cianflone/Getty Images)

Daniel Chick blasts West Coast teammates, ex-coach and club

Former Eagles’ premiership player Daniel Chick has slammed the West Coast Football Club, as well as former coach John Worsfold and his ex-teammates, after The Footy Show’s segment last night exposing the side’s drug culture in 2006.

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In a segment on The Footy Show last night, Damian Barrett spoke exclusively to several former players, and CEO Trevor Nisbett and chairman Dalton Gooding.

They spoke of the belief that the majority of the playersΒ on the club’s list at the time were using illicit drugs.

Nisbett even suggested that he would happily give the 2006 premiership cup back if it meant all of the club’s players from that time were now living healthy lifestyles.

Norm Smith Medalist Andrew Embley explained the details of a physical altercation he hadΒ with Daniel Chick during their time at the club, which Chick, among other things, took exception to.

Chick unloaded on the club and its players via several Facebook posts on Friday.

“Enjoy your reunion Embers, you played a great game in the 2006 GF,” Chick wrote on Facebook.

“Good to see the club managed you very well and set you up for life and your family… I got the opposite but that’s life.

“If we flipped the story, how ya think you’d be travelling right now if you got my deal?

“So ya start just start telling fibs and smiling to hide your fear and downplay it, when the truth is, this drama did not have to happen and it ruined my life.”

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 02: Ben Cousins and Daniel Chick of the Eagles celebrate the Eagles win over the Tigers after the round 22 AFL match between the Richmond Tigers and the West Coast Eagles at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on September 2, 2006 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Robert Cianflone/Getty Images)
MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – SEPTEMBER 02: Ben Cousins and Daniel Chick of the Eagles celebrate the Eagles win over the Tigers after the round 22 AFL match between the Richmond Tigers and the West Coast Eagles at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on September 2, 2006 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Robert Cianflone/Getty Images)

He then hit out at his former club.

“A gladiator that entertains the people (and) fills your pockets with riches,” he wrote.

“Then you dump them broken troubled gladiators back on the street and think, ‘yeah that’s cool, this will never come back to bite us, we own everyone and the media, no one will ever find out hey’.

“It’s only a game okay, it’s not real, it’s entertainment… and I got hurt entertaining you all at work okay… simple, and I have rights and i’ll use the law to get them rights working for me.

“You had a chance to step up and show some balls… i’m proud of myself for standing up and taking you pricks head on and you just empowered me even more.

“AFL fans surely see through the bulls—t now… own up and let some healing take place? No, psychopaths never show empathy unless they need to trick you into thinking they care.”

“My heart is bigger than your fist.”

Chick also berated former coach John Worsfold.

“Thanks for the call Woosha, I been going real well since my last Derby,” he wrote, referring toan injury he suffered in 2007.

“You aware that I been sick but never called me in 9 years and I was lucky to have not died from that injury mateΒ to the throat and whiplash trauma but nope, you don’t give a f–k that’s proven now.”

Barrett said on The Footy Show that only two players, Chick and Ben Cousins had so far failed to RSVP to the club’s 10-year premiership Reunion. An Chick, it seems, has no intention of attending.

“I’m done with the footy ego trip.. it does not serve me,” heΒ wrote.

“You can have your little footy function and your nifty circle of brothers who cowardly left Chicky to suffer after he was a far better warrior than most of you.

“I got a fight far bigger on my hands than footy memories and ego trips.”

Chick joined West Coast from Hawthorn in 2003, playing 103 games for the club and kicking 51 goals, before retiring in 2007.


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  1. What a joke. You were quite happy last year to slam the football club just one day out of playing in a Grand Final. And those players and officials had nothing to do with your era!!!!

  2. Paul Dodds Tim Matheson Luke McDonald if you have seen the footy show thing, this makes Chick seem even more derailed than first thought. I mean they aren’t even coherent sentences.

  3. Take some responsibility for your own actions Daniel. West Coast as a club didn’t force you to take drugs and screw up your life. It was your so-called friends and yourself that did it.

  4. Daniel Berk Alex Spanswick Seaton Cairns Chick coming in for round two. My favourite line: ‘My heart is bigger than your fist’

  5. Good on him for standing up.
    But remember if you take drugs when your playing and a West Coast player and die of an overdoes they put you you pedestal and honour you for being a footballer. But what you really are is a drug cheat .
    What a joke

  6. How about taking some responsibility for your OWN actions Daniel? Nobody forced the drugs up your nose, you were the one that inhaled them. You were not and are still not a warrior. Plenty of us out there fighting cancer, diabetes, heart disease and disabilities long after our footy careers are finished, but we’re not blaming our ex team mates. Instead, we’re supporting each other. Yes, it may be a tough fight but you don’t win fights by alienating them. Just another Mundine like mouth that blames everyone else for your shortcomings. Is that a chip or a chick on your shoulder? Yep, what a terrific citizen and role model you are.

    • Yeah mate, it’s not good but at least it’s not nearly as bad as the bombers saga!! Illicit’s aren’t as bad as performance enhancing (cheating) more of a hindering I would of thought. Also, the Eagles are not the only team in the league to have players on em either btw. They’re everywhere. πŸŽΎβšΎοΈπŸˆπŸ€βš½οΈπŸπŸ‰πŸŽ±πŸ’‰πŸ’‰πŸ’ŠπŸ’Š

  7. This is really hurting the west coast fans, they were nothing but druggies that team, it is time to give the cup to the swan’s. The AFL has nothing but turn a blind eye to this for 10 year’s the AFL is piss weak. Meanwhile the swan’s are having a 10 year reunion for being fucked over by all this.
    Piss weak west coast piss weak Afl

  8. Clearly the coaching staff and administrators forced Chick to be a drug pig! Everybody else’s fault but his! Very unlike a drug fucked idiot to blame everyone else and not take ownership for their own actions! He should feel lucky to have won a premiership and played league footy! He was a hack at best!

  9. None of you pricks have undergone a drug addiction.So easy when you are at the top getting around with other players and foolishly while drunk accept a hit of a drug be it pot,coke,speed whatever while at the many parties that must of been held.It only takes one shot of any of these drugs to fuck your life and in that high flying successfull environment with certain players having it readily at hand it would have been a superhuman effort not to get sucked in.You lot should be ashamed of yourselves and think yourselves fortunate that you dont have any family members going through addiction problems.Oh and before you answer back what a load of shit my mate or my brother or my whatever has one you should know fucking better .Get fucked the lot of you and Daniel Chick I hope you find the strength to beat your demons and get better

    • The thing is that drugs are bad for you for people who does drugs should be ashamed of themselves for starters hurts relationships, families and friends if this punch on happen than something should have been done and also if West Coast Eagles premiership was tainted should they be stripped of the medals and the premiership cup

    • No kev they were weekend warriors of party drugs that got a grip on them … Let’s face it if you were given the keys to the city and everyone wanted to be your friend back in norties @ 25 years old on 300k + a year you would lose your mind too.

  10. Stop crying poor me, you wanker. The Eagles didn’t make you take the drugs and you got paid a lot of money to play footy. Everything else is your own responsibility. Be a man about it and admit you made some poor decisions in life. FFS.

  11. Typical Ch9 journalism. Saw there was a hard hitting “exclusive” and decided to go to bed. Nothing that has been hashed over for many years. Perhaps 60 minutes could take up the story now

  12. Cry me a river Chick. Cousins and Kerr admitted to there addiction but you have just who fed and whined about ppl picking on you. Your septic as in tank mate.

  13. Shaun Yido Nick Berardo Peter Mokdissi Chris Schultze Nathan Bandy Jared Bailey Matt Casey Brendan McCaffrey Cameron Kavaliunas Poor old chicky referring to himself in the third person. Sign of a wanker! Bloke is obviously off his rocker! Just blaming everyone else for the problem he’s got himself into!

  14. holy shit what a fucking sook! nothing like playing the blame game and making exuses, not to mention playing the sympathy card! far out no one forces drugs down you throat bud sure you’ve had hard times but really? grow up man

  15. how did west coast win their first flag,played like shit all year ,scraped into the finals ,then played like the devil possessed ,try to tell me drugs were not involved ;good luck with that

  16. What do you think Adam Moore? Loved Chicky as a player but who forced him into the lifestyle he chose? No one stuck a gun to his head. A lot of finger pointing…

  17. Daniel chick had it all, blew it all on drugs and partying his WHOLE CAREER, with in a couple of years he was up in the Pilbara working as a dogman which he didnt last long at AND now has nothing and is sooking like its everyone elses fault. No sorrow for you mate wanna blame someone look in the mirror. Your life if what you make it.

  18. Shut up Chick you fuckin mong. You were given the privelage of playing AFL football, not working 9-5 doing a job you hated…. Even though you were an average footballer.

    Go and put some more shard in your pipe and smoke it (that’s not an oxymoron… Ya moron).

    I’m surprised you never lashed out at Bec Judd for taking Chris out of Perth. Gee they’re a happy couple…. NOW!!

  19. How could such a dysfunctional club win a flag and go within 3 points of winning a second. Cousins and others were on the juice at half time of the 2006 prelim against the Crows and played like men possessed in the second half. It’s not right.

  20. You can’t trust a junkie, they would sell their own mother. He is an absolute disgrace. He does not deserve any air time. His former employer owes him NOTHING.

  21. Yeah yeah. You’re all just pissed you haven’t thought of it and these days you wouldn’t get away with it anyway. Doesn’t matter what you whine about, it is still and will always be 3 zip to the mighty Eagles over the useless Shockers and we’ll win another b4 they ever make the top 8 again. Bwahahahaha……πŸ˜‚

  22. All the rubbish that went on at the Eagles back then stopped me from ever supporting them again. Watching golden haired Embley blabbing like a little school kid about his fight with another twit, Chick, was quite laughable. What a waste of segment time on the Footy Show. I’d rather watch Sam mumble thru Mail Bag!

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