Ben Cousins during his west Coast days. Picture: Michael Dodge .

Cousins reportedly taken to hospital after an incident with Police

Fallen AFL star Ben Cousins has reportedly been hospitalised after police were called to an incident on a busy West Australian highway.

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Seven News Perth reported the former West Coast and Richmond player, who has a history of drug abuse, was in the middle of Canning highway in Como directing traffic.

He was described as being β€œincoherent”, while a witness said he attempted to jump on the back of someone’s motorcycle, almost causing the driver to lose control.

The network reported police had taken Cousins to Fiona Stanley Hospital for a check-up.



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    • Yep… It’s a matter of when?? It’s sad cause no can do a thing, it’s an illness but until he realise he is the only one that can do it than its not gunna end nicely…I seriously don’t like to glamourise people at all, it’s a dangerous drug, there are too many like his case in Australia, it’s huge problem here but he has to recognise the problem or it’s a death sentence either way!!!

  1. You may have been fuked up but you have never been Ben cousins directing traffic on a highway fuked up.. love it Allan Brunsdon Lane Williams Phil Mecarup Steve Martin

  2. It’s all well and good to take pot shots over his drug addiction, but one day i fear we’re going to lose Ben to this drug and that’s going to be a sad day.

  3. We may benefit from journalists showing the more recent Ben Cousins…
    No doubt an amazing player – however – he like so many others… Needs help…

    Yes life is all about choices & consequences …
    But humanity is not about “reading the story”
    Helping the subject…

    Look after your own kids… They may just need it πŸ˜‰πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

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