Collingwood unveil new logo for 2017

The Magpies have unveiled a new logo for 2017, commemorating the club’s 125th birthday.

Collingwood will have a number of celebrations to mark the occasion, including the implementation of the new emblem for 12 months on all official merchandise.

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The club has also put in a fixture request to the AFL to play against Carlton in the first weekend of May to commemorate the club’s first ever match which was against the Blues on May 7, 1892.


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  1. This will be a premiership logo…and all you Buckley haters will be pretending you were with us the whole way….nothing worse than fair weather supporters…if you only support your team when they win go Join that rabble Richmond or even worse melbourne!

  2. The logo should be Eddie with his bright red melon about to explode, limping with gout while carrying Bucks who is reading a Tony Robbins self-help book and scratching his chin looking erudite.

  3. Here we go again money before winning footy matches. Tell us whats going on with our recruiting efforts.
    Next they will bring out a new jumper and other rubbish just to make money. Focus on winning a flag.

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