Collingwood statement on Eddie McGuire’s Caroline Wilson remarks

Collingwood has released the following statement after club president Eddie McGuire’s comments about Caroline Wilson last Monday:

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The Collingwood Football Club believes in the right of all Australians – men, women and children – to live free of violence.

To entrench this right, to make it real, change must occur and Collingwood believes that a continuous constructive conversation will be vital to changing the attitudes of people who resort to violence, who are victims of violence or consider violence to be something less than a serious issue in society.

Collingwood actively works with women and children affected by the trauma of domestic violence through a number of its community initiatives.

Collingwood’s Magpie Nest Program, in partnership with the Salvation Army Project 614 Team, provides wrap-around case management and accommodation for disadvantaged individuals, including women and children escaping domestic violence. This includes houses established exclusively for women.

The club will hold its Celebrating Women event on Saturday 23 July to raise funds for both the Magpie Nest Program and the Luke Batty Foundation, supporting disadvantaged women and children in crisis. 2015 Australian of the Year and anti-violence campaigner Rosie Batty will be the guest speaker at the event.

Collingwood is also a member of the Male Champions of Change coalition working to achieve change on gender equality issues in organisations and communities, and has recently opened its new Glasshouse facilities designed to provide a safe, state-of-the art sports and community centre for women in the heart of Melbourne’s Olympic Park precinct.

With this, the very clear view of the board of Collingwood is that there is no place in our community for the support of violent behaviour or language, even in humour.


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    • It’s a few people making an over the top joke about another person.. I believe all people involved cop their fair share of abuse from all angles due to their professions, this was nothing but a joke (a little unfair as 1 person was ganged up on).. but gender should have nothing to do with this particular issue as she plays with the big boys and dishes it out harder than anyone else.. she’s being a sheep, saying she’s offended because she was told to say she’s offended.. why didn’t she come out and say she was offended a week ago?

    • As usual put the onus on the victim to justify being the victim. It was offensive bullying behaviour towards the most successful female sports journo in Melbourne. To, you know, put her in her place cos she stands up to them. The focus should simply be on the behaviour of McGuire and Co. Caro doesn’t have to do a thing.

    • You’re right, they didnt think before they spoke.. well, she attacks people relentlessly in the media, in the public eye she takes rumours, and presents them on live TV and in writing without giving it any thought how it would, could, will or can affect the profession, personal lives and families of who she accuses.. and proven to be wrong of most occasions! Most successful, that’s questionable, I don’t know of anyone to credit her work..

    • Bummed about losing COLA? Haha. Doesn’t seem to have affected the Swans much. How has Collingwood been going given all these amazing trades you guys have made? This topic has nothing to do with COLA or whatever team you support. I accept Australian culture allows us to be lighthearted in nature about many issues, but McGuire believes he is bigger than the game all the time. He should have copped it on the chin and said unreservedly he was sorry from the beginning. His half arsed attempt to blame it on a misunderstanding resulted in fueling a fire that would have gone out by now. Only has his elevated ego to blame.

  1. You’re so wrong Eddie.

    You can’t keep making statements about Goodes and Caroline Wilson in your position and then apologise saying it was banter.

    The publicity you’ve achieved doesn’t allow you to think you still chatting with you’re blokey mates around the barbie.

    Wait for strike three !!! It will happen sooner than later

    • Ricky, Caroline is a wimp. She can’t take a joke when it involves her but she is happy to make her vitriolic comments about other people. I don’t like Collingwood but I can’t see what all the fuss is about.

  2. It’s non stories like this, coupled with people making it into something it wasn’t, whuch sets back any progress made and gives actual neanderthals more anmunition.

    PC is ruining society.

  3. Really this has been made bigger than it should
    We have turned into a bunch of sooks
    She should have taken the challenge and shown a different side instead we singled out Ed whose done more for football and the community than she has

  4. Oh Eddie, Eddie, Eddie it’s very funny how there was no thought of an apology by you, well not until Holden threatened to pull their sponsorship. Pathetic!! Crawl back in ya box Eddie

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