Blues head coach Brendon Bolton keeps a watchful eye on his players during the Carlton Blues AFL training session at Ikon Park. (Photo by Michael Dodge/Getty Images)

Carlton Blues statement

Carlton has launched an investigation into the theft of the club’s intellectual property.

The club released the following statement a short time ago:

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“Carlton Football Club is currently conducting an investigation with a view to lodging a complaint with Victoria Police to ensure those responsible for the theft of the Club’s IP with respect to recruiting and its women’s team are prosecuted.

Those who subsequently promulgate this sensitive information may also be subject to action.”


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  1. Haha why would you need to steal their IP to understand the strategy?
    Step 1. Stop employing ex Collingwood people who were successful 5 years ago.
    Step 2. Pillage as many of GWS young players as possible (which is the same strategy as all Victoria clubs!)

  2. How about when you invite 10,000 Collingwood fans to your ground you don’t leave the recruiters door open with the whiteboard in plain site from outside you absolute muppets!

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