LAUNCESTON, AUSTRALIA - FEBRUARY 18: Sam Mitchell of the Hawks handballs during the 2016 AFL NAB Challenge match between the Hawthorn Hawks and the Carlton Blues at Aurora Stadium on February 18, 2016 in Launceston, Australia. (Photo by Robert Cianflone/Getty Images)

Sam Mitchell set to join West Coast

Hawthorn star Sam Mitchell is set to leave the club to join West Coast, according toย reports.

Damian Barrett revealed on AFL trade radio on Wednesday morning that the former Hawks’ captain will play for the Eagles in 2017, in what could also involve a coaching role.

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The 34-year-old confirmed he could make the move west in an interview on SEN Radio on Wednesday morning, while also revealing it was coach Alastair Clarkson whoย suggested the move.

“I didn’t go to the club and say I want to go to West Coast,” Mitchell said.

“Clarko came over and said, as a friend, is that something you’d be interested in?

“And you could have knocked me over with a feather to be honest.”

The move could free up salary cap space for the possible inclusions of Sydney’s Tom Mitchell and Gold Coast’s Jaeger O’Meara.

“There’s been some talk about this for two weeks, so the amount of people who have known about it with the behind the scenes going on at the club shows the respect between the two clubs,” he said.

“If this goes through, because there’s no certainty it will, we look at it as a win for Hawthorn, because it frees up salary cap space.

“And then hopefully I can go over and help West Coast.”

Mitchell signed a one-year contract extension to play for the Hawks in 2017 earlier this year, meaning a trade will need to be orchestrated between the two clubs.

He has played 307 games for the Hawks, won four premierships, five best and fairest awards, is a three-time All-Australian and won the 2003 AFL rising star award.


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    • Could end up helping us to get omeara and Tom Mitchell over the line, mitch only had a 1yr contract left with us, so they would be slowly phasing him out. Short term pain for long term gain.

    • Not sinking steady as she goes, smart move by SAM learn his trade as a coach elsewhere he will always be considered a champion of the hawks.
      5 BF 4 flags say no more.

    • I’m incredibly conflicted by this. If Mitchell plays another year at Hawthorn, he retires and other than salary cap room just 1 year later, we don’t get anything for losing such a valuable player. If he goes to West Coast this year we might get pick 33 which could allow Hawks to bring in Mitchell2 and Jaeger = the future of the club. But other than the obvious of losing a player like Mitchell1 in the team the reigning B&F and incredibly handy leader, we also have to play against him…and it’s just Mitch! Very conflicted.,

    • How would pick 33 get you along the line with Mitchell and Omeara?

      You are going to have to give up a bit more than that.

      You are going to have to give up a pretty handy player, first round (better than what you have) and something else to get BOTH in. Bear in mind you lose Hill, and will probably get a second round pick for him.

      It will be interesting to see how it plays out

    • If Freo get pick 23 as compo for Mayne going to Pies we should be able to get TMitchell for that just about and maybe another pick swap. Jaeger will require at least 2 players and probably some picks which is where I guess Mitchell’s trade value comes in…but it just doesn’t feel like cricket to me.

    • Tommy Windsor i would be surprised if freo got pick 23 for Mayne. Good luck to them if they do.

      I guess what I am saying is – you are going to have to give up and lose much more than pick 33 to get both players. Pick 33 is largely irrelevant. You are losing Mitchell, one but more likely two reasonably good players, a decent pick and maybe a future first rounder. Mitchell is very good. A big risk with O’Meara.

      Whilst it is about the future, you are selling what seems to be the farm to get effectively two players. You are losing Mitchell, Hill, another one or two good players, draft picks, and will at the end of next year lose Hodge, Gibson and Lewis. It is the draft picks that worry me.

    • Simon Thomas Cox ha ha. I also read that.

      It is a funny thing to say to your reigning best and fairest, after he had just signed on for another year.

      Me thinks Hawks are realising this is not going to be as easy as getting in a Brian Lake, etc

    • Dont reckon Lewis will go for some years yet, but probably Burgoyne as well. Hill is gone and good riddance. TMitchell we essentially get for Hill which is a win. Let’s pretend Sam Mitchell only has 1 more season, then he retires and we get nothing (other than salary cap space). If we get something this year (eg 2nd round draft pick) it could mean that to get Jaeger we only need to give up 1 decent player and 1 up & comer (of which we have a fair few fringe dwellers) instead of 2 good players, then it could be worth it. AND don’t forget we’ve already got Ty Vickery, where do we start engraving the cup???

    • Yes. Burgoyne not Lewis. He just looks like he is 100 years old.

      You might be right. I just don’t think it is going to be as easy for you as it has in the past.

      Geelong are going to find the same problems.

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