ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA - JULY 15: Eddie McGuire (L) President of the Collingwood Football Club, Caroline Wilson football commentator and Neil Balme Collingwood Football Director arrive at the memorial for Phil Walsh service at the Adelaide Oval on July 15, 2015 in Adelaide, Australia. The Adelaide Crows coach passed away on July 3rd. (Photo by Daniel Kalisz/Getty Images)

Holden reviewing Collingwood sponsorship

Holden is reviewing its sponsorship of the Collingwood Football Club after Eddie McGuire’s remarks about Caroline Wilson.

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The car manufacturer released a statement on Monday night condemning McGuire’s comments.

“Holden categorically disapproves of Eddie McGuire’s inappropriate comments, along with those of his co-hosts,” the statement read.

“Holden prides itself on diversity, inclusion and social responsibility – they are cornerstones of our business.

“Comments like these, regardless of their intent, have no place in today’s Australia and reflect poorly on the Collingwood Football Club, it’s fans, stakeholders and sponsors. Unfortunately, it can call into question the culture of the club, overshadowing good work done in the diversity space and local communities.

“Holden is engaging with Collingwood to directly express our disappointment and discuss the future of our sponsorship.”



Holden is one of the major sponsors of the Magpies, and is the naming rights of it’s training base, the Holden Centre.

The manufacturer signed a five year deal with the club just last year, contributing a reported $3 million to the club annually.


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  1. 😂 no worries Holden, for what ? Nothing! Move on then they’ll just pick up another sponsor within a week, they are the biggest club in Australia after all

  2. Blokes on 3aw said exactly the same thing and Caro says it’s fine. It’s about how the comments are perceived by the victim she says. So it’s clearly a personal vendetta she has against McGuire and Brayshaw.

    • What this all tells me is Caroline likes Tony Shaw & Hates Eddie & James !!!!! They hav had running battles in the Media 4 years !!!!! Its a POWER BATTLE !!!!!

  3. Holden your a joke. Nothing wrong with what Eddie said he’s just an easy target. Holden don’t wanna associate with Collingwood move aside for the next sponsor then no loss

  4. i fkn hate Collingwood! but! iam a holden man always have been if they stop there sponsorship because of this pollitical correctness bullshit i will never buy another holden again! harden up australia it was a fucking joke!

  5. How many times has this moron opened his mouth and got in the shit Adam Goodes one was one dropping the f word during his commentating a game and a few other smart remarks he has dropped he thinks he is above every one else well he is not just a big fat pig with a mouth to go with it.

  6. I Really think its time for BOTH EDDIE & BUCKLEY to go !!!!! The stuff up with Malthouse, the List, the culture & the results over the past few years are all heading in the WRONG DIRECTION !!!!!! I dont think Buckley is a good MAN MANAGER & i dont think the players really play for him !!!!!! Iam a Port Adelaide supporter just voicing an opinion !!!!!

    • Brendan I’m guessing you never get laid and are gonna try and take this opportunity to try and make yourself out to be a ladies man, and side with Caro to try and get a few likes from a few girls so you can pull your pathetic little dick over a few profile pictures of girls that would never speak to you in real life

  7. Funny how she makes a living spreading false info and bullshit yet plays the gender card the moment her feelings get hurt. There is a reason she is hated by so many

  8. No wonder no one buys Holdens anymore! Useless politically correct squibs. Suggest we all send an email to Holden telling them what bloody idiots they have made themselves out to be.

  9. Its either sexist or not. You cant have different rules for your collegues and your rivals. Both radio shows said the exact same thing the fact is caro has the AFL wrapped around her little finger. Everytime someone has a different opinion to her there sexist. In fact she is the sexist she targets males every chance she gets.

  10. The first thing I thought of when I heard Eddie’s comments was what a disgrace Holden! Thanks so much for coming out and telling us how you really feel. I can rest easy now you don’t support violence against women!

  11. To Holden company.
    Now there has been an apology and everyone is aware of the angst it caused. It is all over so surely you will go ahead with your sponsorship of the club

  12. Holden has a cheek talking about diversity, morals and ethics etc…..they sent all of their major manufacturing abroad! Claim to be an Australian company yet not built by Australians

  13. OH PLEASE.get a grip people.
    Her own fellow commentator’s said a lot worse about her on 3AW,are they currently getting dragged thru the media? NO ,and why is this being dragged out by the media??because it’s a slow news week and Eddie sells papers!!


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