during the round six AFL match between the Fremantle Dockers and the Essendon Bombers at Domain Stadium on May 9, 2015 in Perth, Australia.

Essendon ruckman Tom Bellchambers becomes sixth banned player to re-sign

Essendon ruckman Tom Bellchambers has re-signed with the Bombers.

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Bellchambers’ new deal will keep him at the club until the end of the 2018 season.

“The time away from the football Club has allowed me to freshen up physically and mentally,” Bellchambers said.

“Missing this season and a big chunk of 2015 through injury makes me want come back fitter and stronger in 2017.

“I really appreciate all that Essendon has done for me over my career, they gave me the chance to pursue my dream of playing AFL and I’m looking forward to repaying the faith they’ve shown me.

“I feel I still have plenty of good footy left in me, I’m excited about our future under John Worsfold and the opportunity to build a really strong ruck combination with Matthew Leuenberger is very exciting.”

Essendon CEO Xavier Campbell said the 26-year-old’s decision to re-sign was a great show of confidence in the club.

“Tom is a fantastic young man with an exceptional talent and we’re extremely pleased he’s returning to the Club next season,” Campbell said.

“When we sat down with Tom he spoke about his passion for the Club and his burning ambition to help Essendon become a great Club again.

“Today we’ve seen Kyle Langford and Tom Bellchambers proudly say they want to be part of the new Essendon Football Club. This is a great vote of confidence in the elite football program John Worsfold and the coaching staff are building.”

The Bombers have now signed six of the 12 banned players for next season.


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    • Jamie Turner haa stupid why would I be butt hurt? Tell me smarty??? I barrack for the Hawks we won 3 flags in a row 4 in 8 years 12 in my life time and we just smashed the needle pushers by 108! Tell me again why I’m butt hurt? So stupid

    • Keith they have served their punishment and are free to sign on with whomever they choose. And dont think your precious Hawks wouldnt pick up a Jobe Watson given the chance (or any other ready made player)

    • Sue Thompson Bussell well they haven’t served their punishment yet but when they have yes sure would love to pick up some extra talent from the bombers if they have the brains to leave that disgraceful joke of a club

    • Hilarious.

      Send them to the VFL ? Also ban players also strip picks ?

      You would make a good copper in indonesia.

      I’ve had enough laughs haha have to move on from this hilarity.

    • Ever heard of Maria Sharapova? She has been banned for 2 years for taking a prescription medication. What she did is nothing compared to Essendon and she gets double the punishment. Heard of Ahmed Saad? He was banned for 1 year for drinking an energy drink that’s nothing compared to what Essendon did. Ever heard of Shane Warn? He was banned for 1 year for taking a diuretic that’s nothing compared to what Essendon did. I could go on forever so if you think that Essendon has been treated too harsh your a joke

    • No one knows all so another dumb comment from the bomber bleeding hearts. I just know more than the ignorant bomber supporters

      The Herald Sun reported that an Essendon official told investigators the club had used the anti-obesity drug AOD-9604, under the belief it had clearance from WADA to do so.

      But what is this drug? It’s reported benefits are said to include increased muscle mass and increased energy.

      It is seen as an extremely potent and effective fat burner.WADA say the drug, AOD-9604, falls under the category of substances that are prohibited because they have “no current approval by any governmental regulatory health authority for human therapeutic use”.

      Peptide Thymosin beta 4

      It was reported in May that Stephen Dank, Essendon’s former sports scientist, ordered a banned peptide in quantities sufficient to treat a team of AFL players, according to a former associate.

      Records of Mr Dank’s purchasing process reveal he sourced the peptide Thymosin beta 4 from Melbourne biochemist Shane Charter while working for Essendon.

      Thymosin beta 4 is prohibited for athletes under anti-doping rules.

      It is a peptide that assists muscle regeneration and is commonly used in racehorses


      It was reported David Zaharakis was given the anti-ageing drug TA-65 as part of the Bombers’ supplements regime.

      Zaharakis is believed to have been assured TA-65 did not contravene anti-doping rules and Essendon has medical advice that the drug is not prohibited.

      But the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority has been unable to explain its status to the Herald Sun.

      TA-65 is not registered with the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

      WADA is assessing that drug, and a range of others, for possible inclusion on its list of banned substances.

      Taken as a capsule, TA-65 was listed in the ACC report as “a drug which acts on a section of the DNA and is purported to reduce ageing at the cellular level”.

      Pig’s brain extract

      Dank said he injected players with extract from pig’s brain used to treat Alzheimer’s, the first milk from a mother cow and a bark extract.

      The Alzheimer’s drug cerebrolysin is a peptide taken to increase alertness. According the ACC report, it is not approved for human use.

      Anything else ?

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